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Modern technology means that you have more access to health and fitness information than ever before. Smart phones and tablets can make great use of a range of health and fitness apps that can help those on a fitness program, trying to lose weight, or wanting to boost their current fitness.  There are many apps to choose from, including ones that help you to count your activities, monitor your calorie consumption, or try out a new fat-burning technique, but it is also all too easy to buy a ton of apps and then never use them. Rather than picking up a lot of different apps, it is better to look at a few which might be better able to help you with your specific needs.

  • Personal Trainer in Your Pocket – some apps can offer workout routines or suggestions for certain goals.
  • Motivation – fitness and health apps may focus on fitness as a game, if you “play” you app during a workout you score points or unlock achievements.
  • Encouragement – apps have networks of users that can offer encouragement or share their success story for inspiration.
  • Eliminate Guessing – fitness apps track everything you need them to without the heavy lifting on your part. Distance, calories, it is all in the app.
  • Accuracy – a fitness app can accurately track various parameters for you.

Improving your fitness

When you are considering which health and fitness apps to choose, you need to focus upon what you want from the app. If you wish to boost your fitness levels, find some motivation or set yourself some goals, then personal training apps can be the perfect solution. Personal training apps push you to complete challenging exercises each week, set you goals to aim for, and also works to your own fitness levels. Training clubs can also help you to devise your own goals and follow pre-set workout plans.

Calorie counting and nutrition

If you are ramping up your fitness levels in order to lose weight, or to burn off stubborn fat, then you might make more use out of calorie counting and nutrition apps. These can include food diaries that can help you to spot issues with your eating habits, calorie counting tools, and even food allergy apps that let you stay on track of your health problems. Nutrition apps can also be used when shopping or eating at restaurants to give you a good idea of what you are consuming.


When you are just starting out on a fitness regime, it can be hard to motivate yourself. Tracking and analytics apps are great for people who like to be able to study how they are doing, including how much work you have been doing, how long you have exercised, or what fat you have burnt doing specific exercises. These analytics programs are designed to give you the encouragement you need to keep going with any kind of personal fitness regime or program, as well as letting you see how well you are doing.

General health apps

If you don't have a specific fitness routine to monitor, but want to keep an eye on your overall health, then you may benefit from a range of apps designed to monitor the daily working of the body. Some of these apps will help you to focus on your sleeping, including programs designed to play soft music over background noise which prevents you sleeping. Women may choose to monitor their menstrual cycles in order to work out the best time to start a new fitness routine, or to account for slight fluctuations in weight.

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