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Although you can find a great deal of information, articles and advice from the Fittco website, most people starting on a new fitness regime should also look at health and fitness books designed to help them with their new program. There is plenty of fitness books designed to help you with weight loss, new fitness goals, or even new sports, and using these books can help you to learn more about your new hobby. As there are so many books on health and fitness in shops and online, it can be hard to know where to start.

  • Quality advice – Make sure you get correct information from qualified professionals. It’s much harder to publish a book than an article online, and the quality of advice is easier to verify.
  • Quantifiable success – All fitness books will have reviews and case studies, so rather than following a vague regime that originates somewhere on the internet, choose a book whose approach has had good results in the past.
  • Money well spent – You might say that you can get all the information you need online, for free. But the internet has a plethora of conflicting and confusing information. Spending a few dollars on a clear outline of what you need to do to get where you need to be is well worth it.
  • Choose a sport – Books can be a great way of helping you make a decision about which sport would suit you, the equipment you need, and the commitment you’re making before you sign up. 
  • Get fit fast – A book can be a really helpful way of reaching your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, taking a structured and consistent approach. 

Weight-loss books

One of the biggest areas for health and fitness is the weight-loss industry, and there are scores of diet and exercise books designed to help you lose weight. The key to these books is finding the one that most suits your own personality, and that can help you to get the tools you need for your weight-loss program. As the choice is so large, it is hard to tell new slimmers exactly what they need to read in order to lose weight. Instead, the choice should be made according to your own tastes and requirements. If you are interested in losing weight and reading books that can help you, then there are books which can offer you advice about eating regimes, losing the first few kilograms quickly, or even tell you how to keep the weight off after the diet ends. Not all weight-loss books will help you, however, so it is important to only buy books that appeal to your own personal tastes. You may also be able to get advice from health professionals on Fittco about the best books for your weight-loss needs, or books that have been successful in their experience.

  • Lose weight more efficiently – Books are a good way to choose a diet and stick to it, helping you lose weight as fast as is healthy and sustainable.
  • Choose a plan that suits your lifestyle – Some diets simply aren’t practical for some of us. Choose a book that fits in to the time you can commit to food preparation and eating.
  • Eat right for body type – Different people have different genetic makeups, and certain diets will work better for some than others. Make sure you opt for a plan that will give you the results you want, leave you feeling satisfied and not hungry, and be healthy while doing it.
  • Stick to one plan – Many of us choose one diet, then switch to another when we get bored or feel like it’s too hard. Having a book with one approach can be really helpful for keeping that sticking power and following through to get the results we want.
  • Stay nourished - Many fad diets out there can actually be harmful to your body in the long term, as well as leave you hungry and grumpy. Opt for a trusted book to stay in good health while you lose weight.

Fitness program books

If you want to take up a new fitness program to help yourself lose weight, or to increase your overall fitness, then reading a book about a particular program can help you to decide whether it is really for you. These books might include an overview of the program, for example martial arts, boxing, cardio-exercise and body-building programs. By reading these books, you can find out more about how to start learning about your chosen program, what you need to start, and what you can do to improve your fitness levels outside of the program.

Narrow down your search – With a vast choice available for someone looking to start a new fitness program or sport, it can be bewildering. A good book about types of exercise will really help you make an informed decision.

Choose a sport that suits your taste – When you start a new sport, you can often find that the culture surrounding it, the type of involvement, and the exercise itself, were not what you were expecting. Rule out surprises by getting informed first.

Understand the financial aspect – Some sports will need expensive equipment, and this may not suit your budget. Take the time to learn about what your regime requires before you get too involved. 

Get fit in a structured way - Choosing a specific path for your fitness efforts, rather than a general approach, can be a great way to maintain motivation and achieve your goals.

Be prepared for the level of commitment – Starting a new sport or program without being properly informed about how much time you need to allocate to it is a recipe for failure. Choose a book about the sport you’re considering to rule out disappointment. 

Nutrition and general health

When you start on a fitness program, nutrition and health can be very important. Even seasoned athletes need to pay close attention to their general health, and at all stages of a program you have to eat well and practice good health. This will include, for example, avoiding junk food and turning to organic fruit and vegetables, as well as learning to relax and de-stress when you are not working or keeping fit. There are many books that can help you to learn more about taking good care of your body, both by eating right and living a healthy lifestyle.

Take a holistic approach – Exercise itself is just one element of getting in good shape. You need to take care of every aspect of your wellbeing, and a good book will ensure that you don’t miss anything out.

Work harder, for longer – Food is the body’s fuel. Given the wrong or insufficient fuel, the body will give out. Make sure you choose the right food, in the right quantities, to maximise your chances of reaching your goals and getting to the peak of health.

Cater to your choices – The nutrition plan for someone wanting to gain muscle and bulk up will be very different than for someone who wants to be very slim and capable of running long distances. Books can give you the correct information to reach your goals.

Don’t neglect the psychological – Stress and related mental issues play a big part in how efficiently your body works, as does sleep. Stress related hormones will really stand in the way of you reaching your goals, so make sure you look after your mind as well as your body by getting informed about psychological health.

Eat for health, not just weight loss – It can be easy to think that as long as you’re meeting your calorific goal for the day, you will be healthy in the long run. There’s a lot more to eating that just losing weight, and choosing clean, beneficial sources of energy will have really positive effects in the long term.

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