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The best way to enhance your work out, and to get more from your weekly trips to the gym, is to participate in events and challenges that are designed to boost your fitness while increasing your competitiveness. There are a host of different types of fitness challenges and events which you can do in order to get the most out of your events, and you can also try to find a number of different sessions by using Fittco's directories to give you information on the latest challenges in your area.

Daily fitness challenges

One of the most popular ways to boost your fitness levels with a challenge is to take part in one of the daily finish challenges and events which are run throughout the year. 30 day challenges are designed to help people to focus upon a particular event, and to set themselves longer goals for a whole month. There are also 12 week fitness challenges, and longer term challenges that are designed to keep people moving after they have completed the first month. Even if you are very active, these fitness challenges can be a way to boost your morale and increase your enthusiasm for a particular activity.

Challenges and races

Alongside the finished challenges, and sometimes linked closely with them, obstacle courses and time trials can be a different way of boosting your enthusiasm for activity. These types of challenges are often local events, and you can commit to them with friends and family, or even simply compete against strangers. These events are designed to increase your fitness towards a definite goal, including 5K races, charity races, and other local competitive sports. Use Fittco to find out more about local events in your area.

Marathons and longer races

If you are looking for more of a challenge, and want to do something big, then you might want to consider entering yourself for a marathon. This is a challenge which has to take place over a much longer period of time, as you need a training schedule and will have to get ready for the competition over a series of months. You may benefit from talking to a local personal trainer, or joining a gym, in order to fully prepare for this type of race. You can find a number of different marathons, and shorter but still demanding races, in Fittco's local events marketplace.

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