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Starting a program of cycling can be one of the fastest ways to get fit, and whether you are planning to start cycling to work, to get to and from the shops, for racing or simply in order to have a bit of fun, you need to understand a few of the basics surrounding both cycling and bikes. Buying all of the equipment needed to ensure that you get the best from your cycling experience often means investing in good quality bikes and accessories. You can find the right equipment to help you with your biking experience by using Fittco's marketplace.

Purchasing bikes

Of course, the most essential piece of equipment when you are starting cycling is the bike. There are a variety of different models of bicycles, depending upon what you need from your machine, and how often you are going to use it. For example, if you intend to use your bike regularly, then you might consider buying a mountain bike right from the start. If you want to purchase a bike for competitive cycling, then you will need to focus upon specific aspects of that machine, such as whether you want a specifically designed road race bike or a sporting bike which has a more upright position for cycling.

Looking at equipment

In addition to the obvious cycling helmet, there are also other things that you should include in your cycling kit. All cyclists should carry tools, including a puncture repair kit and a tyre pump. Multi-tools which include a range of Alan Keyes, screwdrivers and link extractors can also be very valuable equipment. Getting these all-important accessories will help you to keep your back on the road. Shoes with cleats or clipless pedals can also be very useful if you will be cycling competitively.

Other accessories

The modern cyclist has a great deal of available technology which they can use to improve their training or their health. For example, you may get a cycling fitness tracker, specifically designed to help you focus on nutrition. Other apps designed for cycling and bikes can be used to track your path, give you a training schedule, or help to monitor heart and breath rates. Outside of apps, you may also benefit from access to someone who can help you to develop a training and nutrition program designed to help you gradually improve your riding time or stamina.

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