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Thinking of getting fit by joining a class? Many people go to health clubs and gyms in order to lose weight, gain muscle or simply improve their fitness levels, and group classes are ideal when you first begin your new fitness regime. There are many types of classes designed to help you get what you want from your membership of the gym, ranging from simple aerobic exercise to spinning classes, kickboxing classes and a host of others. Joining a gym is only the first step towards getting fit, and fitness classes can help anyone to exercise more, and also learn a new type of fitness program.

  • Leadership –fitness classes give you the skills you need to learn how to be an effective leader, whether you’re leading your yoga class or in the workplace, this is a challenging class that is designed to bring out the leader in you.
  • Motivation – get ready to find your motivation when you take on fitness classes. Groups feed off each other’s energy to create a more effective workout.
  • Competition – when you’re in a group there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, group exercise class take advantage of this psychological aspect of the fitness routine to bring out the best in your workout.
  • Communication – learn how to communicate your needs to your students and coaches, group instruction takes fitness down to the bare essentials so you can get your routine to the best level it can be.
  • Safety – learn the basics of fitness through class that train you, safely, how to work out and maintain your health as well as your personal fitness.

Bootcamp classes

If you want to spring into action, then taking a bootcamp fitness classes is the best way to start. These are demanding and high energy, but also mean that you have a great start to your new fitness regimen. Many people choose to go on bootcamp classes when they are struggling to lose weight, or want to lose a particular amount of weight for events such as weddings. Bootcamp classes help to teach you the basics of any fitness program, and can be a good way of moving those stubborn early kilograms, make a commitment to getting fit, or just for fun. Bootcamp classes also include military-style training, so don't expect to have an easy ride if you choose this option.

Martial arts classes

Martial arts are growing in popularity across Australia, with many people choosing to take it up as an option that combines defensive training and fitness in a fun environment. Others commit to learning martial arts after training in other sports, such as body-building, and they find that it can be a completely different way of life. In these classes, you learn particular types of punches and kicks that can help you to increase your muscle stamina and explosive power of your arms and legs, as well as being taught essential fitness techniques and principles.

Yoga classes

Another popular form of group fitness classes are Yoga and Pilates. These classes teach participants the essential poses of these practices, and can help people who have suffered injury or illness by enhancing their fitness without wearing them down. Most people find that they are able to benefit from the skills learned in Yoga and Pilates, and that these skills can actually enhance their experience of other fitness activities such as martial arts or weightlifting. These practices are almost always taught in groups, with a single instructor leading the movement at the front of the class.

Strength training

If you want to improve your physical strength, then fitness classes which revolves around muscle-building and endurance using resistance techniques to help the muscles to grow. This can include weights, stretch bands and other types of resistance, so whether you are experienced or a complete beginner, you can bet the best out of your skeletal muscles with a group strength training class at your local gym.

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