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Keeping fit has come a long way since the 70s and 80s, and even if you don't want to be a fashion guru, you may still be interested in some of the latest advances in fitness technology. From trackers and gym ropes that are smart, you can learn how to get the best out of your fitness routine by using a number of different types of modern exercise and fitness gear and equipment. Whether you are simply looking for a new pair of weight gloves for your home gym, or want the latest in watch trackers to monitor your every move, the modern fitness industry means that you should be able to find what you need quite easily.

  • Lose weight – The right fitness gear will make your workouts more effective, increasing the calorie burn and helping you get lean and toned.
  • Be effective – You can craft your training sessions to meet your goals much more effectively with the right equipment.
  • Change it up – The variety of fitness gear available can provide interest and variety to exercise, meaning that you can partake in a wide range of activities and never get bored of the same old routines.
  • Protect your body – Many types of exercise require specialist equipment, and having the right equipment will ensure that you and others around you remain safe and healthy.
  • Make fitness fun – Having engaging equipment makes fitness much more enjoyable, which will really help to increase your motivation

Equipment for the body

The type of equipment that you use on your body and depend upon the fitness regime that you are currently following. It may include running shoes and socks, or simply the right martial arts uniform. You can also make sure that the body is fully occupied and kept fit with hydration systems and nutrition, or by buying the latest in workout headphones. What is important when you are buying this type of equipment is that you make sure that you are buying to improve your fitness, and not to please the acquisitive side of you. Looking for the perfect fitness equipment can also mean finding the ideal set of gloves for your weight training classes.

Stay hydrated – Whether it be a water-carrying backpack or a shake cup, the right equipment for carrying liquids will ensure that you stay hydrated and at your best during exercise.

Comfort – The range of hi-tech clothing and accessories available today can maintain your body at the right temperature and keep you supported, whatever your sport of choice.

Protection – You need the kit to maximise your safety and support during exercise, reducing the strain on your body while getting the most out of your workout. 

Feel great – You deserve to look and feel your best while working out, and having the right gear really helps with this.

Optimise performance – From the proper supplements to fuel your exercise, all the way through to headphones to blast out your favourite tunes and boost your motivation, the right fitness gear goes a long way towards helping you perform in peak condition.

Equipment for classes

In addition to buying sports equipment that you can wear, you may also need to buy other items of equipment for your classes. Yoga and Pilates classes, for example, are often chosen because they are relatively simple, but you will still need to buy accessories including mats and resistance bands as you progress through the class. You may also benefit from using different equipment in boxing and MMA, where boxing gloves, punch bags and other accessories can be an important part of the training.  The benefit of learning exercises in a gym means that most of the expensive equipment will be bought for you, but you should still consider investing in some of the less expensive items for your home, so that you can train whenever you want.

  • Have flexible workout options – Having readily accessible and transportable equipment will mean you won’t miss a workout, wherever you are.
  • Train at home – We don’t always have time to make it to the gym or dojo, so having a select amount of equipment at home means that you can still reap the benefits of exercise while saving time.
  • Get fit fast – Having the right equipment to hand and ready to use takes away any obstacles preventing you from working hard, whatever the time and place, so you can stick to program in any circumstances.
  • Take a holistic view – The correct equipment can help you make sure that healthy living pervades every aspect of your life.
  • Get strong – Equipment can really help in becoming functionally strong, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, improving balance, and helping you lose weight to stave off disease and illness.

Accessories for fitness

The modern market means that there is a great deal of equipment available for fitness fans which can help them to learn more about their body. Heart rate monitors are one example of the fashion for fitness moving into the medical world. Using these monitors can help you to make sure that you are working at a level to burn calories, and it can also help you to understand your heart rate when it is resting, and when it is being pushed, such as during exercise. Other fitness trackers can also help you by monitoring the amount of exercise you do during the day, and can include phone apps, walking 'tickers', and even computer programs that allow you to put in how much you have exercised, how many calories you have eaten, and what your daily routine has been, in order to find out whether you have burnt any calories in a day.

Be creative – The multitude of supplementary material for exercise available today means that exercise can be a constantly evolving concept, never becoming stale and boring.

Get support – Sometimes we all need that extra push to get out the door or pick up the weights, and the right apps and programs can give us just that.

Make progress – Tracking your exercise, nutrition, body composition, weight, sleep, hydration, and appearance can really help you pinpoint what areas need work and what was effective; it’s also great for looking back to see how far you’ve come, motivating you to keep on working hard.

Have fun – The variety and interest offered by apps, programs, and accessories mean that exercise is always engaging and enjoyable.

Lose weight – Assessing your current state and progress with modern technology is a really effective way to shed the kilograms.


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