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Fitness and personal healthcare is an important component to physical therapy.  Fittco is committed to providing you with the tools you need to make your physical therapy a success.  This is an approach that focuses on results to enable you to lead a healthy life.  If your goal is to return to a life of independence and remain active you’ll want to integrate fitness into your physical therapy routine.  If your mobility is limited a workout routine paired with your therapy sessions can help you regain mobility and confidence, no matter what your age.

Finding the right fitness team can be essential to ensuring that you achieve the best for your health and for any sport that you choose to take up. There is a number of specialist fitness professionals who can help to ensure that you remain fit and uninjured while you are trying to lose weight, get fit or start a new exercise program. Without the  help of an expert team, you could find yourself struggling with basic fitness levels, or even suffering injury caused by poor muscle fitness. What is important is that you choose a team at the gym that can help you to get the most out of your routines.

  • Improve mobility – healthcare and physical therapy can help you get moving. If you’re recovering from an illness or surgery, or if you have a permanent disability, physical therapy can help.  Stretching is important to regaining your health and ability to move.
  • Pain management – Using your muscles is the first step to eliminating stiff joints and the pain associated with them. Physical therapy can help with pain management by restoring joint and muscle functions.
  • Improve balance – physical therapy and fitness can combine to help you regain your balance and mitigate the risk of personal injury from falls. If you’re recovering from an injury and have trouble with mobility, this can help give you confidence to get back into your routine again.
  • Regain confidence – recovering your mobility will do wonders to improve your confidence following health issues or injuries. Physical therapy is a necessary component to your healthcare routine.
  • Management of health issues – if you’re at risk for a heart attack, stroke or other preventative condition, fitness and physical therapy can help you manage these conditions and possibly prevent them in the future.


Anyone who has experience in sports and fitness knows the importance of finding the right physical therapist. Physiotherapists are there to help you in case of injury or illness caused by your fitness program or sports activities. A physiotherapist can also help with problems in the body, including arthritis, muscle strains and the after-effects of broken bones, and are there to help you recover. Physiotherapists can help a number of different complaints, ranging from muscle aches to tendonitis, frozen shoulder and post-natal hip pains. It is essential to know where your nearest physiotherapist is if you are hoping to take up an athletic sport or fitness program.


Anyone suffering from pain within their joints or bones could benefit from the assistance of a myotherapist. These experts are here to help you manage a significant number of problems within the musculoskeletal field. These problems can range from muscle damage caused by over-exertion to a more serious problem with skeletal degeneration caused by genetics or age. There are a number of different therapies available to help treat your problems, depending upon your condition and the nature of your issue. Myotherapists can be recommended by your doctor, your personal trainer or by sports buddies who have recognised a problem with your body. If you are interested in using therapy to help you recover from injuries or over-work, then myotherapists could offer you a number of different solutions. Local myotherapists should be easy to locate with the Fittco marketplace.

  • Prevent injury – Any sport comes with its risks, and making sure you have professional advice for dealing with your particular set of circumstances will reduce these.
  • Make a plan – Before you embark on a new health and fitness regime, see a professional so you can have a clear plan of what’s best for you, how you can reach your goals, and how to deal with possible problems.
  • Deal with current issues – If you have an existing injury or an old one, see a healthcare professional for advice on how to accommodate it and still reach your goals.
  • Recovery – Recovering from an injury can be a long process fraught with potential danger of regression. Get the right advice on how to get back on form as fast and as safely as possible.
  • Expertise – Rest assured that you are getting good advice and not putting yourself in harm’s way by choosing professionals that are properly qualified to advise you.

You can learn more through Fittco and their network of fitness resources.  You’ll find advice on how fitness, health care and physical therapy can integrate to work for you.  You’ll also be able to consult with fitness professionals about your requirements.  If you’re looking for a personal trainer or physical therapist, Fittco can help you find the perfect match to meet your healthcare needs.

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