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As you begin to read this as a parent you already know that healthy habits are developed when we are young. There are so many benefits behind getting your child active on a regular basis - It will benefit your child’s development both physically and mentally. Now day’s Australian kids are looking beyond their traditional local sporting clubs, and wishing to explore their options. Parents needed a solution for their children and this is how Fittco came about. Fittco is here to support all the Australian families pursuing healthier lifestyles. Fittco helps give parents a kick start in the right direction by helping to offer your child an abundance of different fitness options to try.

So, when your child expresses they are ‘bored’ of traditional sports and want to try something new – Where do you even start? You start with Fittco. Fittco is your one click search solution. At Fittco we are all about encouraging your child to maintain a physically happy, healthy and active lifestyle. We have taken the guesswork out of searching for your child’s next ‘active passion’; and you can find them all within your local area here on Fittco.  

The fantastic aspect of using Fittco is that it is based upon supporting your child to get out there and be active - So much so that we have included everything and anything that keeps them moving. Is your child an adventurous one, or maybe a kid who likes to get their groove on, or maybe they simply need to slow down and relax a little? Fittco has all your local kids’ fitness activities here and waiting for you to get your child involved in them.

Fittco has your back with easy and accessible information covering all the bases on the many different active paths your child is willing to take. Fittco’s categories cover: Adventure activities, bootcamps, boxing, CrossFit, dance, gymnastics, fitness classes, martial arts / self-defence, multisport, running / triathlons, sports training, yoga / Pilates and swimming.

Why not sit down with your child and load up Fittco – Starting is as easy as putting in your postcode to find out what is accessible to you in your area and also, in the surrounding areas. We hope to be the encouragement that ignites healthy habits by giving your child more options to find the fitness that suits them best.

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