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Want a completely new way to work out? If so, you could try one of the best ways to make sure that you get fit in fun surroundings. Outdoor fitness takes the gym to the outside, allowing you to keep fit, enjoy the outside world, and be more creative with your ideas. It is possible to do a lot of different things while you are exercising outdoors, and you can learn how to enjoy yourself while still building up a sweat. More and more people are starting to use the outdoor fitness method to keep fit during the summer months, and really dedicated people are exercising outdoors all year round.

  • Added interest – Working out in the gym week-in, week-out, can lose its charm after a while. Perk things up with a different setting and some new sights and sounds to refresh a jaded routine.
  • Plenty of choice – With the movement towards outside fitness getting bigger every day, there are lots of different options to choose from.
  • Overall well-being – Many of us spend a depressing amount of time indoors, and a surprising percentage of the population suffer from seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Soak up some vitamin D, even in the winter, and finish your work out feeling refreshed and invigorated.
  • Choose group activities – As well as choosing to take your personal workout to the great outdoors, there are plenty of organised group activities you can get involved in, which promote community spirit and give you a structured and guided approach to working out.
  • Simulate natural movement – Working out in the gym has its place, but isn’t quite the same as dealing with rough terrain, natural inclines, and a variety of obstacles. These things will challenge your body in a way that treadmills and the even surface of your gym or living room floor simply cannot.

Outdoor HIIT

High Intensity Interval training is one of the most in-demand fitness activities for the modern world, but when you go outside, you can do a great deal more. HIIT involves working quickly and hard in order to burn off as many calories as possible inside a short time. So many people work out using HIIT for around 30 minutes a day, and it helps them to stay fit. If you want to do this outdoors, then you could try combining the speed of interval training with objects in the environment such as stairs, park benches or even tree trunks. With outdoor HIIT, you have to be more creative about what makes your fitness routine work, so that you can adapt to your surroundings. Many runners and extreme athletes use outdoor HIIT in their exercise routines.

Performing CrossFit

Like HIIT, CrossFit training uses a number of different exercises to get the best out of its participants. In outdoor fitness groups, you can combine running or sprinting with squats or push-ups in order to mix up your training routine. The principles of CrossFit mean that you can perform laps and then move into another routine such as boxercise or aerobics with only a short break in between. When you are doing this in groups, it can really work for all of the participants.

Outside Yoga

One of the most common forms of outside fitness exercise is yoga. This is commonly performed in parks and gardens close to gyms, and it is not unusual to see outdoor yoga being performed in Asian countries, where groups come together to do Yoga outside. As this form of martial arts has a lot of emphasis upon spiritual focus, feeling at one with nature and transcending the stress of modern life, performing Yoga outside can help you to achieve more from your routines than previously.

Training outside

When you start going outside in order to train, you need to make sure that you are correctly kitted-out and have the right equipment. You will need at least a yoga mat or similar protective material in order to perform your exercises outside. You may also need weights and gym balls. Clothing should be well-fitting and allow you to be covered as much as possible, so that you can stay warm while you are exercising heavily, but also move freely during your fitness routine.

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