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If you are starting out on a new health and fitness regime today, then you should consider boosting your health and fitness with a few choice supplements. These are not designed to take away the effort of working out, or make it easier to complete a marathon, but they will help you to support your body, and make sure that it is at its optimum fitness when you start working out. There are a lot of pills and potions that you can take in order to boost muscle building or increase your mass, but if you simply want to increase your fitness levels and ensure that you are in the best condition before training, then you should consider a few simple supplements.


The benefits of vitamins should not be overlooked, and if you want to ensure that your body has all it needs to get the most from your workout, then you need to take at least a multivitamin a day. The right nutrients will help you to sustain muscle growth and reduce the impact of stress, junk food and some multivitamins have been shown to reduce cancer risks. You should be taking a multivitamin even before you start a fitness program, but you will certainly need one when you begin exercising.

  • Boost your immune response - a multivitamin can enhance your diet and boost your body’s response to illness as well as injury.
  • Supplement your diet – multivitamins are a good way to get added nutrients into your diet, if you feel like something is lacking, a good multivitamin can round out your nutritional profile.

Fish oils

A surprising supplement, but fish oils have been shown to boost your immune system and reduce muscle breakdown while encouraging fat burning. There is some debate about whether there are any blood pressure or circulation benefits to fish oils, but they can reduce inflammation and cholesterols which can place the heart at risk. To find out more about fish oils, or to seek professional advice, visit Fittco's website and talk to some of the community there.

  • Omega-3’s – fish oils contain Omega-3’s, essential fatty oils that help regulate your cholesterol and support overall health.

Hyaluronic Acids

If you want to do a lot of strength training, then Hyaluronic acid is a must. This has been shown to benefit the joints, and increase the strength of your connective tissues. For those involved with sports, or who are keen weightlifters, you need to ensure that these tissues are strong enough to support increased muscle mass. Taking Hyaluronic acid and collagen supplements can help you to keep your joints and tissues going for longer, and will help to reduce the chances of arthritis and aches and pains associated with exercise.

  • Anti-aging & skin care – essential to maintain a healthy complexion and as an added benefit, maintains a youthful glow. Hyaluronic acids protect and nourish your skin for a radiance that is unparalleled by other supplements.

Energy supplements

The other important supplement for fitness fans is some kind of energy boost. What you need will depend upon how much energy you already consume during the day. For example, Caffeine and tea can be energy boosts, and they can also provide you with important vitamins and minerals. However, taking a caffeine-based energy drink such as Red Bull should be done with caution, as those with undiagnosed heart issues can be very vulnerable. You may also wish to use other, natural forms of energy boost as a supplement. If you are not sure which supplement is the best for your regime, then talk to the experts at Fittco about your own supplement needs.

Natural energy – energy supplements work with your body’s natural energy boosters, these supplements can give you some added pep when you need it, without the crash of artificial energy drinks. 

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